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The RIGA (Rural Income Generating Activities) project
FAO, 2006-2007
This project will analyze, with a consistent methodology, sources of rural household income in more than 15 countries, as well as over 25 household surveys. The project aims at helping the development community build rigorous and empirically based generalizations about the RNF economy and identify policy instruments that can be used to promote RNF activities alongside agriculture in a manner that facilitates rural poverty alleviation. Preliminary results from the RIGA project are on line. (see Rural Income-Generating Activities in Developing Countries : A Multi-Country Analysis)

Moving beyond the farm
World bank, World Development Report 2008 -Chap 9 - Near-final version
A part of this chapter deals with non farm employment. Agriculture remains the backbone of most rural economies, but rural employment is diversifying out of agriculture. In some Latin American countries, rural nonagricultural activities grew at more than 10 percent a year between 1980 and the early 2000s. In Chile, they rose from 25 percent of total rural employment in 1960 to 49 percent by 2002, and in Brazil from 14 percent to 31 percent. (Also have a look at the final version who will be available soon.)

Guide to Rural Economic and Enterprise Development - REED
Global donor plateform for rural development, 2003
This guide is based on an analysis of the success factors in rural economic development and lessons learned. Representatives from donors, agencies and national governments, field-level practitioners, the private sector and NGOs were involved. Considerable potential for efficiency gains were identified, especially with regard to cooperation between organisations and across different disciplines and backgrounds. The process finally led to the joint development of an analytical framework for Rural Economic and Enterprise Development - REED.

The Rural Non Farm Economy Project (RNFE) website

The purpose of this project is to promote policies that support non-farm rural livelihoods across a range of less developed countries and transition economies in which the Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank (WB) are active, and to promote policies that support non-farm rural livelihoods across a range of less developed countries and transition economies._

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